Buying a Camping Refrigerator

A camping refrigerator lets you enjoy cold drinks and fresh food for longer, without the need to replenish your ice stash as often. It’s a great option for anyone who overlanding in an RV or going off the grid, but it can also make road trips and family picnics more comfortable. It’s a bit more expensive than your average cooler, but it’s worth the investment.

There are three main types of camping fridges: compressor, thermoelectric and gas. A compressor fridge works like a home refrigerator, with a motor and pump that compresses pressurised coolant before it moves through the fridge. This allows the fridge to cool quickly and efficiently, and some models even offer a freezer function. Most compressor fridges are designed to run off your vehicle’s alternator, with some able to run on 240 volts when in powered campsites.

The drawback of a compressor fridge is that it consumes more power than other options, and can be noisy when running. A compressor fridge can be cooled more efficiently by pre-chilling its contents, or by using a thermal cover to improve insulation and energy efficiency. It can also be a bit heavier than other options, but many models are designed to be bouncy and hardwearing. Some also have a side-opening reversible lid that can double as a table while you’re out adventuring. Other useful features include a drain plug, an adjustable thermostat and integrated LED lighting. Some also have Bluetooth connectivity, which allows you to use a smart phone app to check on your fridge and control temperatures remotely. camping refrigerator

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