Best Whipped Soap

Best Whipped Soap is soap with a light, fluffy texture that feels luxurious on the skin. It’s made from a mixture of soap, butters and oils that have been whipped until the mixture becomes airy. The light whipped soap is easy to use and can be customised with different additives, including exfoliants and moisturisers. It can be used for a range of skincare products, from a simple hand soap to a body wash and shaving cream. The soft whipped soap has a gentle cleansing effect that won’t strip the skin of its natural oils and can be scented with a variety of fragrances or essential oils.

You can make whipped soap at home and it’s an excellent choice for beginner soap makers because it doesn’t require any heating and it cools very quickly. The recipe is very versatile and can be changed to suit your preferences, using different oils and butters, adding in other ingredients that can speed up trace or even a bit of stearic acid for extra smoothness and whipping.

For a quick and easy method for making your own whipped soap, start by whisking all of the oils together in a large bowl until it is light and creamy. Then add the lye solution slowly, whisking all the while. When the soap is ready, add in any fragrances or essential oils that you wish to use and stir to combine. Transfer the soap into a mould and leave to saponify overnight. Best Whipped Soap

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