Baby Photo – How to Get the Perfect Baby Photo

Baby photo is an area of a photographer’s work that requires special skill and care. Whether you are taking newborn photos in your own home studio or celebrating milestones with a cake smash session for one year olds, the right equipment is critical to get great images. Baby photography is a booming industry, with plenty of props and outfits available for photographers. However, experience and forethought are just as important when it comes to capturing amazing baby images.

Newborn photos are a specialty in themselves, and many newborn photo shoots take place within the first few days of life. The prevailing aesthetic of these sessions is deeply dreamy and homespun, with babies often ensconced in cheesecloth cocoons or tucked into rustic wooden buckets. Newborns are typically quite squirmy and uncooperative, making posing them more difficult than it is with older children or adults.

Once your baby has reached the six month mark, they can start to recognise their parents and will likely be more interested in toys and objects. This can be a good time to try a fun and playful theme, such as a tiny chef, fireman or builder, or simply play with their feet and capture them sticking out of a blanket.

At this stage, it is also common to do a portrait session with the whole family together, including grandparents and siblings. This is a wonderful way to celebrate your growing family.

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