Auto Cold Drawing Machine

Auto cold drawing machine is a chain-type machine that is used to draw metallic tubes and bars with consideration in precision and strict tolerance for industrial applications. This process can work within closer size and roundness tolerances than other methods, making it possible to produce sharp corner radii as well as complex symmetrical and asymmetrical profiles.

The cold-drawing process can also improve the mechanical properties of steel. It increases tensile and yield strengths, reduces ductility, makes the material harder and more durable and improves its surface finish. This can save money in machining operations and extend the tool life.

In the drawing process, a metal wire is pulled through a die under a controlled force and the diameter of the material is gradually reduced. This can be done for a wide range of products, including metal bars, rods, rebars and electrowelded meshes for concrete reinforcement. This is a relatively economical and efficient method of producing long lengths of wire and can be done in one pass, which cuts down on production time.

Among the most important technological factors for the energy-power parameters of drawing is the tendency of the material to harden during cold deformation, the single degree of cold deformation, the friction coefficient at the metal-wire contact point, and the design parameters of the die and the drawing machine [20]. The determination of these values requires experimental studies on a laboratory drawing machine.

To determine the limiting value of the drawn material, the relationship between the material’s tensile strength and its yield strength is determined using an Excel mathematical package and the results of tensile tests. From this, trend lines and approximation equations can be obtained. The resulting dependencies of tensile strength and yield strength on the cold working can be used for mathematical modeling and optimum designing of the drawing route.

A number of factors affect the performance of a cold-drawing machine, including the lubrication used and the quality of the wire’s surface preparation in the deformation zone. A change in these factors can significantly affect the calculated drawing forces, so it is important to choose an optimal lubricant and ensure proper surface preparation of the drawing die.

Horenco has recently introduced a new line of swaging, cold-drawing and straightening machines to make the lives of manufacturers and fabricators easier. The line includes a swaging machine that can reshape the end of a tube or pipe, and an auto cold-drawing machine that can quickly draw wire out to a precise diameter. The machines also come with a wide variety of features to improve the quality and efficiency of the final product. They can be used in a wide variety of industries, from aerospace to automotive and more.

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