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The best means of selecting a torchiere lamp glass shade replacement is probably the most confusing issue in the lighting industry.

The best means of selecting a torchiere lamp glass shade replacement is probably the most confusing issue in the lighting industry.
What, exactly, is a torchiere lamp?  A torchiere lamp is a floor or table lamp with a light directed upward via a stone, metallic, plastic, or glass reflector.  These lighting devices have many formats and are made out of many materials, but their most common form is a floor lamp.
The word “Torchiere” itself originated from the French word for torch (“Torche”).
These popular lamps are great for lighting wider or larger areas, as they reflect light off the ceiling and diffuse it within a large section of the room.
Four (4) basic types of torchiere glass exists:
1)  Dish-type torchiere glass.  This is the most common type and is essentially a glass lamp shade that is shaped like a bowl or dish and has a hole 1 5/8-inches in diameter in its center.  This allows the owner to simply slide the shade down over the electrical outlet and rest it on a plastic or metal holder.  There is also a threaded ring that screws down onto the electrical outlet in order to keep the glass in place.  This type of torchiere glass is most often beige or plain or frosted white.
2)  Reflector waffle pattern opal.  This white torchiere glass has a cone shape and is available in two standard sizes:  2 3/4-inch fitter that has a 10-inch diameter; and, a 2 1/4-inch fitter with an 8-inch diameter.  This glass typically has a waffle-like patter imposed onto the glass surface, although some have no such pattern at all.  These lamp shades were quite popular during the 1920s and 1930s and were often found on many six-way floor lamps with 3-arm lights and a center light.  Many modern lamps and armless floor lamps also have these shades.  Many of these lamps are intended to be used with fabric lamp shades that rest on their reflector glass.  Such a design offers exceptional reading light in addition to general area lighting.
3)  Long-neck torchiere glass is larger, typically between 13 and 16 inches wide with a long “neck” that slides down into a 2 3/4 to 3-inch wide holder.  This lamp shade has the look of a wide funnel with neck, and are the most expensive torchiere shades.
4)  Stiffel replacement torchiere glass is specially made to fit Stiffel lamps.
Contact an experienced full-service lamp vendor for further assistance in choosing the right torchiere glass for your lamp. Gold bedside lamp

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