3D Tour Christchurch and Canterbury

Discover world-class heritage in Christchurch and Canterbury. Stunning architecture, awe-inspiring stained glass and beautiful gardens.

Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of a self-guided visit using our multimedia guide tour. Online ticket holders can reschedule their timeslot free of charge up to 2 hours before their visit. Visit our Groups page to book a guided tour for 12 or more people.

Cathedral Precincts

Located in the heart of Christchurch, Canterbury Cathedral is a World Heritage Site. Dedicated to Saint Thomas Becket, it’s a magnificent example of medieval architecture. Its soaring towers, intricate carvings, and awe-inspiring stained glasswork reflect Gothic and Romanesque styles. The cathedral and its walled precinct are surrounded by tranquil gardens, the picturesque ruins of a monastery, and charming shops.

Despite its age and considerable damage, the cathedral has been maintained and restored. The Cathedral is open to the public and is accessible by wheelchair. The entrance to the cathedral is through the ornate Christ Church Gate. It is a Grade I listed building and one of Canterbury’s most celebrated structures. The gate has undergone extensive repairs and restoration over the years.

The cathedral’s crypt is also accessible to visitors with mobility disabilities. A step-free entrance is at the north side of the cathedral near the Dean’s steps. It has heavy doors that are 1.44m (4ft 8in) wide. The access route is levelled concrete and paved with a moderate slope.

The cathedral is a popular tourist destination, so visitors are advised to plan their time accordingly. The Cathedral welcomes all visitors, including families, and offers guided tours at regular intervals throughout the day. Visitors are encouraged to stay for Choral Evensong, a daily service that continues the Cathedral’s 1,400-year tradition of worship.

Christ Church Cathedral

The entrance to Christ Church Cathedral is a sight to behold, with 98 cardboard beams encased in the facade and an awe-inducing foyer. The structure opened to the public yesterday and welcomed one solitary admirer – Bishop Victoria Matthews, who was handed a cardboard key by contractors as the construction phase officially ended.

The Cathedral has served as a historic place of heritage, sacred space and civic nexus in Christchurch since it was built in 1864. The earthquakes left it as a shattered icon, and its demise marked a city that was broken.

While cost and safety concerns were the driving force behind the decision to bowl over the cathedral, there were a number of voices within the Anglican community that called for the rebuilding of a more contemporary alternative. Rangiora’s Rev Andrew Allan-Johns and Christ’s College chaplain, Rev Bosco Peters, both made their views known through church blogs and social media throughout 2013.

Both argued that the current cathedral design, by architects Warren and Mahoney (W+M) in collaboration with Snohetta, fell short of what the community wanted. Peters cited W+M’s approach to modelling the cathedral as being “block by block” as a major issue, saying it wasn’t taking advantage of new technology such as photogrammetry and point-cloud scans, which would allow them to model the building orthogonally.

Christ Church Picture Gallery

Christ Church is unique among Oxford and Cambridge colleges in possessing an internationally renowned collection of Old Master paintings and drawings housed in a purpose-built gallery of considerable architectural interest. The Gallery opened in 1968 following a bequest from General John Guise’s collection which arrived at the College after his death in 1765. It has been supplemented by gifts and bequests including those from W. T. H. Fox-Strangways and Walter Savage Landor. For reasons of conservation the entire collection cannot be on permanent display, however, a selection of drawings is usually on show in small in-house exhibitions.

The Picture Gallery entrance is from the Canterbury Quadrangle off Oriel Square. A Custodian at the gate will direct you to the Gallery.

You can take a guided tour of the Cathedral, Quads, Cloister and Hall staircase or enjoy exploring the museum at your own pace using the self-guided multimedia guide. Both tours include admission to the Gallery and are included in your ticket price.

Founded in 1610, the cathedral is one of England’s smallest cathedrals but its architecture and interiors make it well worth a visit. It is also one of the oldest and most interesting buildings in Oxford. Designed in both the Norman and Perpendicular styles, it’s known for its stained glass windows and vaulted ceiling. It’s a place to visit for both worshippers and art lovers. It was also used as a filming location for several Harry Potter movies. It has also been featured in The Golden Compass and the TV detective series, Inspector Morse and Lewis.

Visitor Centre

Set amongst the graceful parks and rivers of the Christchurch central city, the visitor centre reflects the enchanting landscape that surrounds it. Its design evokes the image of braided river flows, neo-gothic architecture and patterns that are part of the local Ngai Tahu iwi tradition.

The entrance opens to Oxford Terrace and the Avon River, creating a civic space where visitors can gather and connect with the local community. The foyer is designed to serve as a gathering place for visitors and locals alike, while the glass façade enables the city to showcase its unique heritage.

The new visitor centre is expected to be open before the 2023/24 cruise ship season which kicks off this November, with 85 vessels expected to visit Lyttelton Port. ChristchurchNZ will consult with the local council, the Port of Lyttelton and cruise operators to make recommendations on a location.

ChristchurchNZ’s general manager of destination and attractions, Loren Heaphy, said the organisation was still committed to supporting visitor information. i-SITEs are a key part of this and ChristchurchNZ has been working with Tourism New Zealand, the national body that oversees the i-SITE network, to ensure the best possible service for visitors.

i-SITEs provide free maps and expert advice on sightseeing, accommodation, food & entertainment, transport bookings (bus, train & rental car) and domestic flights. They can also assist with events tickets and help with booking activities, walks and drives. 3D tour Christchurch

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