15 Attractive Celebrity Bodyguards

Many celebrities can’t even go out to run an errand without their personal bodyguard. These armed men and women are always there to ensure the celebrity’s safety and keep them away from any potential threats. But their job also requires them to be smart and well-mannered. And besides all that, they look really good.

Celebrity bodiesguards must be highly proficient at all aspects of their jobs. They have to be able to identify and assess a potential threat in crowded environments and quickly react accordingly. They must also be able to communicate with fans in a polite manner and ask them to maintain a safe distance from their clients.

As you can imagine, it takes a lot of training to become a celebrity bodyguard. Most of the top security firms accept only candidates with extensive military or law enforcement experience. The best ones are also masters of hand-to-hand combat, and they can instantly zero in on a threat in a crowded situation.

However, the physical and emotional strains of this job are enormous. These bodyguards are constantly on high alert, and that can have serious consequences over time. To help them cope with the pressure, these professionals often find ways to relieve their stress. For example, some of them make jokes about their job on social media. For instance, Ed Sheeran’s bodyguard Kevin Myers has his own parody Instagram account. We’ve gathered 15 attractive celebrity bodyguards who aren’t afraid to show their sense of humor. Joseph Daher

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